There is absolutely no guarantee provided that the use of this software will be free of undesired effects of any kind or that any desired effect will be achieved at all. According to the complexity of the mechanisms involved and the lack of accessible documentation this shouldn't come as a surprise... ;-)


Booting Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 from USB is a very recent but hot topic, according to that all attempts are still experimental. So don't use a productive installation for your first experiments and always create a full backup of the system to be modified.

USBoot has to be activated once on each installation of Windows it is used on by a challenge-response cycle. Therefore the matching response code can be obtained for free from this website after registering with an account.

Actual stable version:

USBoot 2.14.zip

( !!! Please read 'ReadMe.txt' for instructions on usage !!! )


fixed an issue that could result in a hang when connecting an USB drive while NOT running from USB
fixed the "Couldn't initialize license key" issue
introduced support for booting from IEEE1394/FireWire devices (if this is also implemented in the BIOS)
revised the USBoot ArcGuard
changed handling of abort requests in the installer
minor internal improvements
fixed a minor bug regarding the initialization of the console window in USBoot.exe
added check for required servicepack versions
enhanced compatibility with tools like sysprep
complete revision of kernelmode code
2.04 beta 12
slightly improved performance on flash disks
fixed a potential issue in the USBoot ServiceGuard
2.04 beta 11
applied some changes to the policies of the USBoot DriveGuard
introduced deletion of Windows '$Nt...' uninstall folders
2.04 beta 10
applied some changes to the way the USBoot DriveGuard attaches to devices
introduced deletion of Windows 'dllcache'
2.04 beta 9
fixed an issue in the USBoot DriveGuard that resulted from incosistent information in the MS DDK/WDK
2.04 beta 8
fixed a bug that was introduced in beta 7 and caused a hang on some systems
2.04 beta 7
added support for Windows x64
2.04 beta 6
fixed a bug in ewf.inf
improved installation scripts
2.04 beta 5
fixed a bug in the USBoot ServiceGuard
2.04 beta 4
corrected an issue regarding the mounting of registry hives in phase III
2.04 beta 3
changed output format of installer to 96 columns width
2.04 beta 2
applied some optimization to the install scripts
2.04 beta 1
complete internal redesign of all kernel- and usermode components
integrated dynamic handling of the AMD <-> intelppm issue
sorted out a couple of minor glitches
improved overall usability
and more ...

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